Best Insurance Companies in Canada

There are a large number of insurance companies in Canada, offering you the best insurance coverage and plans for your home, automobile and health insurance. All these companies have their own unique way of providing financial protection to their clients. So, while choosing the insurance plan, you should also consider the reputation of these companies and their various schemes and products. Top 5 Best Insurance Companies in Canada.

1. Canadian Home Shield. You can find a number of financial protection plans for your home, such as homeowners’ insurance, renters’ insurance, pet insurance, earthquake insurance, flood insurance, travel insurance and many more. Canadian home shield is one of the best insurance companies in Canada, which offers a wide variety of coverage and premiums to choose from. They have an affordable price and have proved their efficiency in the insurance market by providing you with best insurance cover for your home.

2. Metlife. Metlife offers extensive coverage for personal liability. They offer premiums and have great customer service, making them one of the best Canadian home insurance companies. Their motto “we make it our mission to offer you the best customer service and the best products” certainly proves that they are keen on providing quality service to their policyholders.

3. Canadian Wireless Policy. They have a wide range of coverage for automobiles, including automobile insurance, automotive parts and auto glass, breakdown cover, car seat protection, critical illness coverage, driveway damage coverage, health coverage, motor vehicle insurance, satellite insurance, pet insurance, toll free phone, roadside assistance and more. Their rates and premiums are competitive and their services are above average.

4. Qwest. A large portion of Qwest customers are from the Midwest and they offer services including online billing, high-speed Internet access, TV and Internet, home phone, voice mail, home health care, phone service, worldwide long distance phone service, in home nursing, in home doctor visits, and travel insurance. They provide great customer service and the premiums are competitive. They also have a number of benefits such as cash back, accidental death benefit, and much more.

5. Investor. This is one of the best insurance companies in Canada which has branches in all regions of Canada. They offer good rates and good services to the clients in all kinds of insurance. They are especially known for their home insurance where they offer the best services in the market.

6. Policy Mutual. They are primarily known for providing insurance services for the people in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. They provide affordable insurance rates and affordable insurance quotes in all kinds of insurance such as life, auto, home and other insurance services. They have offices in all major cities across Canada such as Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Charlton, Hamilton, and Burlington.

These are some of the best insurance companies in Canada that provide great services and competitive prices to the clients. The best thing about them is that they provide comprehensive information to their clients, including advice on the best life insurance products and policies for them. They also offer an easy access to the Internet. They also have an online chat facility which makes the process easier for the clients. Thus, if you want to get cheap life insurance products and best insurance rates, then these are the best places for you to get information.

There are many other large Canadian companies that provide great services and competitive prices in the Canadian marketplace. Thus, you can easily find the best Canadian home insurance companies. They all have websites, and an online chat facility is provided to the clients so that they can seek assistance from the agents at any time of the day. These insurance companies are usually categorized into five groups namely; indemnity, property and casualty, limited liability and mixed coverages.

The indemnity insurance company provides various types of insurances such as personal injury protection, temporary medical and dental coverage, travel insurance, disability income protection, critical illness coverage, employer disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and many more. The property and casualty insurance company provides different kinds of insurance products including homeowner’s and renters insurance, business insurance products and commercial insurance products. They also have life insurance products for senior citizens and children, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance, employer disability insurance, travel insurance and many more. The limited liability and mixed coverages insurance products are also sold by the different Canadian insurance companies. They include disability income protection, critical illness and disease insurance, and life insurance.

One can easily find the best Canadian general insurance company in the website that provides a comprehensive list of all the Canadian insurance providers. Such sites also list the different kinds of policies sold by them, the coverage premiums, the company’s financial strength and much more. Thus, one can compare the rates and premiums of the different insurance products sold by these companies and can even purchase these insurance plans directly through these companies. Many people have benefited by purchasing their insurance plans through these sites as they were able to save their money and time. Some people also choose to purchase these insurance products online; however, it is important that they should also consult a broker before they actually buy them because only a proper broker can help you get a good deal.

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